We partner with businesses and leaders like you to help transform your organization through executive and team coaching, leadership development, team facilitation, performance consulting, and integration of key assessment data into action.


What path are you on?What path do you desire?

As your coach, I can help you define what your path looks like, what obstacles you may encounter, and then help position you and/or your team to move forward on your chosen path to success.

A coach is a thought partner, trusted advisor and accountability partner focused on unlocking a person or team’s full potential. There are many ways to engage a coach: individually, as part of a team, or in a peer coaching process.



Individual coaching is unique in that it is tailored to you specifically. Coaching allows you the space to pause and reflect, to challenge old assumptions and consider new possibilities — all with a trusted thought partner who is invested in supporting you to achieve your goals, whatever your path. 



Team coaching allows members of the team to focus on their individual goals while also working on their team goals and processes. This coaching allows teams to break down barriers, enhance communication, and build problem solving muscle. Through coaching, teams are able to unlock creativity and overcome challenges that may have been just below the surface for years, resulting in high performance teams who are better equipped to make a positive impact in their organization.



Imagine a facilitated process in which two or more colleagues come together to grow and learn from each other. Peer Coaching provides a structured process that allows colleagues to tackle business problems while also embedding consistent practices that can transform the way an organization approaches workplace challenges. Peer coaching provides a structure for identifying common challenges and developing individual coaching skills to create shared learning. This process results in a new level of accountability, trust, and collective development among colleagues.

Coaching FAQ's

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Executives, new leaders, high potential employees, and people in transition can really benefit from working with the guidance of a coach.

Your journey with your coach helps you find your inner wisdom. And that’s as unique as your fingerprints. Your coach will use learning strategies that are well-matched with your learning style, and together you’ll collaborate on your plan. 

If you’re leading a team that’s underperforming, then building and motivating your team will be part of your plan. Other things you might choose to work on include transforming your approach from tactical to more strategic, building relationships, doing what you love to do, navigating through toxic situations, embracing change, and moving forward with your life and career.

Your coach may do assessments or targeted interviews that give you feedback from people you work with. Personality profiles and self-assessments are other possibilities.

Expect transformation. You’ll know more about yourself and strategies that work for you. Clarity replaces ambiguity. Your life is aligned with your values and goals. And you’ll discover it’s really about the journey that continues throughout your life.


We provide workshops for leaders, high potentials, and teams on a wide variety of skills designed to enhance their work performance. Workshops may focus on topics such as the following:

Navigating change

Managing conflict

Communicating more effectively

Giving feedback


Managing performance



And many more!

No matter the topic, all our workshops are customized to meet your unique objectives.​ The scope of our work with you may range from facilitating a one-time workshop to designing a full curriculum for your entire leadership team. 

Some of our most requested programs (workshops) are listed below. Give us a call to discuss your specific training needs.


The Emotionally Effective Leader

In today’s challenging business environment, emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a key differentiator for leadership success. This workshop uses the EQ-i 2.0 as the means for leaders to identify their emotional intelligence baseline. From there, participants learn how various EQ competencies work together and how they can build skills to enhance their overall effectiveness. Participants also gain insight into key emotional intelligence competencies that, if not attended to, can lead to derailment. 

paper planes simulation

Paper Planes®

Paper Planes®, Inc. is an interactive simulation that focuses on key skills needed for success in today’s organizations — skills such as teamwork, collaboration, innovation, breaking down silos, boosting engagement, and serving customers. This award-winning change management simulation demonstrates the value of redesigning how work gets done, while also providing insights on how an organization or team can prepare for changes. By internalizing those insights and bringing them back to their jobs, participants will be poised to evaluate their own processes and be better prepared for change. The Paper Planes® experience is insightful for employees and managers -- and is particularly powerful with intact teams.

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Results through Relationships

Our relationships often make or break the effectiveness of our results. This program is grounded in Relationship Intelligence and uses the Strength Deployment Inventory to help high-potential individuals, teams, and existing leaders to interact in ways that foster connection and build relationships. In this workshop you will discover how to assess motives, apply your strengths to meet the demands of the most challenging situations, and communicate effectively with even the most difficult people. We will help you develop the skills you’ll need to collaborate, connect, and get things done!



PressTime® is a unique leadership simulation grounded in the execution of a complex business initiative. This executive-level simulation involves groups of six to eight participants who are tasked with bringing a new product to market while dealing with competitors, financial decisions, and personnel issues. PressTime® touches on many important leadership competencies and includes a thorough debrief, discussing topics ranging from the team's strategy to individual feedback. It is one of the most powerful management simulations available and can be effectively partnered with a variety of self-assessments and 360 instruments. This simulation is available for virtual as well as in-person delivery.


Certifications are provided in a blended format which includes a webinar, facilitator guide, and slide deck review, along with a 60-90 minute session with a Master Trainer.
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influence style indicator
The Influence Style Indicator is an assessment instrument designed to understand an individual's preferred style as they influence others. The assessment addresses one’s preferred, secondary, and underutilized influencing styles.
change indicator
The Change Style Indicator is a leadership assessment designed to measure an individual’s preferred style in approaching and addressing change. It provides leaders of all levels with insights on personal preferences for managing through change and provides context for how those around them might perceive and respond to their preferred style.
change navigator
Change Navigator is a revolutionary new tool for change leaders that takes participants on a journey through the stages of transition that are common to periods of change and helps people to understand and navigate them. It focuses on the emotions of individuals as they navigate change and the predictable stages of transition.
decision stylr profile
The Decision Style Profile is a decision-making assessment that empowers leaders to make better decisions by enlightening them on how to choose the most effective and appropriate decision-making styles for given situations. Each participant is asked how they would make several real-world business decisions.
discovery leadership
The Discovery Leadership Profile gathers perspectives regarding leadership performance. Based on research that identifies the key competencies for effective leadership, performance is measured using 40 items grouped into 10 competency categories. The results of the leader’s self-assessment are then compared to the combined results of the raters completing the leadership style assessment in order to clearly highlight strengths and developmental needs.
The Emerging Leader Profile is designed for use with new or high-potential leaders. Research has led to the development of 60 items composed of 12 leadership skills and traits that influence a new leader’s effectiveness and establish a foundation for personal growth. The 360 allows for other raters including bosses, peers, direct reports, and others to provide feedback useful for development.
PressTime is built around an in-depth business problem. This executive-level simulation is run in teams of six to eight participants, who are tasked with bringing a new product to market while dealing with competitors, financial decisions, and personnel issues. PressTime touches on many important leadership competencies and includes a very thorough debrief, discussing topics ranging from the team's strategy to individual feedback. When used with self-assessments or 360 instruments, it is one of the most powerful management simulations available.
Paper Planes, Inc. is a simulation that focuses on teamwork, collaboration, organizational effectiveness, breaking down silos, engagement, and customer service. This award-winning change management simulation allows groups of employees to learn the value of redesigning how they work, internalize those insights and bring them back to their jobs while also providing insights on how an organization or team can prepare for changes within their organizations.

Facilitator Resources


Looking for new talent development tools? We are proud to be your certification provider for a variety of MHS assessment tools and simulations.

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CaseCards are a collection of real-life scenarios designed for training and coaching. This tool makes it simple for trainers to incorporate meaningful practice into professional development programs.

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Evolution of Human Resources

Need practical suggestions on how to make learning stick? Check out my chapter, Learning that Lingers, in this anthology!


There is not one path. There is not even the right path.
There is only your path.


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